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The Difference between 1L and 2L

So as I close in on the end of my second year of law school I thought I’d list some of the big differences between your first year and second year of law school. Suffice to say, it’s a completely … Continue reading

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(Another) Problem of Legal Education

I’ve been purchasing my casebooks for next semester and all I can say is the educational model for higher education is absurdly skewered in the wrong direction. I went to purchase my “new” Trusts and Estates casebook. The newest edition … Continue reading

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Looking back on 1L

Well, I’ve survived the work portion of 1L, now I just have to hope I survive the grades of 1L (it takes about a month to get grades). It was certainly a journey but looking back on it I’m incredibly … Continue reading

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1L Spring Semester

Hope everyone enjoyed the Superbowl. So the spring semester is fully underway. The fall of 1L year was certainly challenging, there was a lot to get used to but this second semester has definitely seen the workload increase. If you … Continue reading

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