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Outlines and Notes

Although I’d advise against this if you’re a 1L I’ve found it both very beneficial for both saving time and not getting too bored under 2L classes. Trying to take in-class notes in an outline format has been working wonders … Continue reading

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Law School Outlines

So I’ve added a new link on the right side of the website. It’s to some of my law school outlines. I know there are a lot of sites out there that charge tons of money for outlines. I’ve tried … Continue reading

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The Difference between 1L and 2L

So as I close in on the end of my second year of law school I thought I’d list some of the big differences between your first year and second year of law school. Suffice to say, it’s a completely … Continue reading

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Always Dreaming

So in my research of a long held dream to potentially open my own law firm one day I stumbled across an article I thought others might find interesting. Although I question actually starting a law firm on a credit … Continue reading

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(Another) Problem of Legal Education

I’ve been purchasing my casebooks for next semester and all I can say is the educational model for higher education is absurdly skewered in the wrong direction. I went to purchase my “new” Trusts and Estates casebook. The newest edition … Continue reading

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Staying Awake & Alert

So for the past two semesters I’ve been using neither coffee nor soda to stay awake during some of the more boring law school classes (I’m looking at you Constitutional Law). No, it’s not cocaine, although 1/3 attorneys does have … Continue reading

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1L Summer Jobs and 2L

I know it’s been far too long since I’ve written a post. After working at the public defender’s office this summer I can safely say the experience was great and I highly recommend others step outside of their comfort zones. … Continue reading

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Looking back on 1L

Well, I’ve survived the work portion of 1L, now I just have to hope I survive the grades of 1L (it takes about a month to get grades). It was certainly a journey but looking back on it I’m incredibly … Continue reading

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1L Summer Jobs

So the summer is almost here and that means a handful of things. Dreaded finals are quickly approaching for everyone and people have been on the frantic search for summer legal positions. Luckily I started my summer job search way … Continue reading

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New U.S. News and World Report Rankings

Well, the new U.S. News and World Report rankings have been released. I urge everyone to not buy into them too much. They rarely include anything about a law school that you’ll actually care about on a day-to-day basis while … Continue reading

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