1L Summer Jobs

So the summer is almost here and that means a handful of things. Dreaded finals are quickly approaching for everyone and people have been on the frantic search for summer legal positions. Luckily I started my summer job search way back in February and received an offer by March. Keep in mind I’m not working for a Biglaw firm this summer but any legal job is better than a non-legal job.

If you haven’t landed anything yourself yet I highly encourage everyone to look into some of the more public interest or governmental agency type of work. It’s not a big New York City corporate litigation style firm but it’ll offer practical work experience and it’ll give you something to talk about at your on-campus interview next year when the pressure’s really on to land something that pays well.

There are a ton of grant opportunities as well as Federal Work Study that students who work in the non-profit legal sector are eligible for. You won’t become rich but it’ll keep you going through the summer and like I said before, it’s all really about getting work experience. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find you really love a legal field you didn’t even consider before.


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