SBA Results & the Grind

Well, SBA results were announced last Friday and I’m honored to represent the 1Ls of Quinnipiac along with six of my other classmates. We’ve already had one SBA meeting and I’m excited to be back in Student Government. It’s just like what I did at NC State, just on a much smaller and closer scale. It should be a fun year.

On another note, the law school grind continues. Legal writing is still piling up, just as everyone warned me it would. I’m still enjoying the cases and don’t mind briefing them (too much). This was the first week that Redbull has needed to become a routine, so clearly I’ve got to reshuffle things a bit to keep my schedule streamlined. We’ve also already got a practice exam coming up this week and I definitely feel like we haven’t covered nearly enough to already be practicing for a final but it should be an eye-opening experience non-the-less. Keep on lawyering!


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Future Law Student preparing for Law School. Follow me on my journey.
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