Northeastern Law

Getting There:

Northeastern is serviced by it’s own “T” stop on the green line. Simply take the green line toward Heath and get off at the Northeastern stop. This will place you directly in the center of Northeastern’s sprawling campus. As soon as you get off the train the law school is to your left. Alternatively, you can reach Northeastern on the Orange line or by the commuter rail by getting off Back Bay.

The Neighborhood:

Directly across the street from Northeastern is a grocery store, so there is great ease of access to more than just prepared food. Also across the street is the Northeastern gym. Just like most schools, being a Northeastern law student grants you access to all of Northeastern’s facilities. Having the gym across the street would be a great stress reliever for law students. Also directly across the street is a wide selection of housing options, both apartments and the Northeastern Law student housing, so it’s not a far walk if you’re willing to pay the cost of living directly downtown. The Northeastern student union is two blocks from the law school, so there is a huge array of options as far as dining is concerned, especially once you consider how the “T” stop is directly in front of the law school.

The School: After the jump


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